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Kitty Yoni CRYSTAL INFUSED Oil is exlusively made to assist Teens and Young Adults with preventative measures. Apply Yoni Oil externally on top of the vagina or under the labia and throughout the vulva after bathing or showering. The cleansing formula helps to naturally restore vaginal ph balance and prevents excess bacteria from sweat and workouts, intercourse, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, itchiness during menstruation, and sour odor.  


  • Cleansing formula 
  • Preventative Measure
  • Daily use 
  • Expires six months from purchase date



  • Products are for external use ONLY!  DO NOT USE internally!
  • All  Natural Ingredients to self-care and keep a healthy intimate cleanse
  • Please read all descriptions (on each individual page), we are not responsible for allergic reactions
  • Please let us know if you would like the product without crystals

(2oz) Kitty Teen & Young Adults - Yoni Oil Vanilla

$20.50 Regular Price
$16.50Sale Price
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