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In Middle School: Friends are separated… Hearts get crushed… And the noises never end… Balancing Essynce Couture (my business) and school work, huh…Middle School… When you’re in school you do a lot more than learn Math, Science, and things in that such… You learn some secrets that are just too juicy to hold… But can your “friends” manage to keep your secrets too? Also, can your teachers handle the class? Introducing the true story of MY 6th grade year!!! Xoxo, Essynce



If you would have told me a year ago that I would develop a crush on one of the guys in my school, my friends would randomly just start dating one-another, or I would shave the side of my head I would...probably believe the last one. But that’s not the point, the point is this year in middle school was nothing I’d predicted and this is coming from me, the girl who always says, “Expect the unexpected.” But sometimes we just don’t see these things coming and when they do come we have no choice but to live in the moment and let life come at us. Kids, teens, and adults who want to make sure my book is appropriate for their children to read, I bring you the sequel of 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles, the true story of my 7th grade year!!! Xoxo, Essynce



6th grade was child’s play.  7th grade was a taste of what was to come. But 8th grade, was the year that changed everything.  That includes me, my “friends,” and the Middle School Chronicle Series. It was one of the most memorable, educating, and heartbreaking years of my life.  A school year I will never forget!  A story that you may not want to remember.  I bring you the trilogy in the Middle School Chronicle Series, 8th Grade Middle School Chronicles, the true story of my 8th grade year!



60 sheets per book

Dimension:  10.5 in x 8in (26.67 cm x 20.32 cm)

Middle School Chronicles SERIES and NOTEBOOKS

  • Non-Refundable!!!

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